Deliverables for the competition will be sought in below mentioned stages:


A 500 word abstract of the project need to be submitted at the time of entry.

This abstract must include:

  • Description of the problem
  • Description of the design process
  • Description of the proposed solution
  • Potential benefits of the solution

Final Reports

The final reports should be submitted to QuEST Global at the time of entry. These deliverable reports should be an extract of the thesis and cover the following:

  • Summary of the project
  • Achievements against objectives that were set out
  • Technical details covering the project
  • Issues/challenges faced


The video should be submitted to QuEST Global at the time of finalization of projects after being asked to do so. This video will be played on the Finale.

The video should cover the following: –

  • Objective of the project – 15 secs
  • Sustainability of the Project (Covering 3P Concept) – 60 secs People (how it impacts people’s lives) – 20 secs
  • Profit (how it can be used after successful implementation to generate revenue) – 20 secs
  • Process (how feasible it is in terms of implementation) – 20 secs
  • Technical details of the project – 60 secs
  • Walk around and Working – 60 secs
  • Challenges Faced – 15 secs
  • Mentor’s Talk – 15 secs
  • Creative thoughts on the project – 15 secs

Kindly note:

  1. The video should not exceed 4 mins (240 secs) and should cover the pointers mentioned above.
  2. No background noise should be present.
  3. Do not keep switching between Landscape and Portrait mode. Maintain one format.
  4. The audio should be clear (please play, edit and finalize before sending).
  • Closing date for project submissions – 30th November, 2020
  • Event location: Hyderabad

Submissions – Eligibility

The competition is open to all students pursuing an engineering degree in India (BE/BTech 3rd /4th Year). All you need is passion for engineering and creativity that reflects in your project. Students graduating in the year 2020-2021 are encouraged to participate with no restriction in terms of engineering disciplines.