Reimagining the future through Innovation.

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For nearly a decade, Quest Ingenium has been making the journey towards innovation a celebration of brilliance. Celebrating the spirit of competition to help dreams come true by providing an enriching platform to future innovators, Quest Ingenium is not just as any tech contest. It is a prominent career launching program that helps students realize their truest potential, keeping in league with Quest Global’s corporate values of hunger, humility and aspiration.

With a wish to pave the path for a better, safer and smarter world, Quest Ingenium is now open for registration and invites enthusiastic young minds to showcase ideas that can revolutionize the way humans, technologies and businesses connect.

Quest Ingenium

In the last 10 years, Quest Ingenium has impacted the lives of many talented students by helping them live their dream before a global forum of like-minded tech aficionados. 

Be it industry 4.0, digital automation or other trending topics, Ingenium has been the favourite hub for innovative ideas. This year’s Quest Ingenium revolves around “Reimagining the future through Innovation

To foresee how humans in future may work alongside machines for better productivity and life, Quest Ingenium is about harnessing technological advancements to benefit in terms of performance and productivity as well as for the societal benefits.

Why Quest Ingenium 

If you have an idea that promises great improvements to productivity, safety and reliability in all that aspects of human life, then here is a chance to bring your unique tech solutions to life.

Bring Ideas to Life

Helping students bring engineering ideas to life to make difference through technology, creativity, collaboration, as well as competition, Quest Ingenium is the largest tech contest in the field of engineering solutions to meet real life challenges.

Challenge the Impossible

A chance to do something that challenges existing theories that breaks the conventions and questions the limits.

Get Noticed

Here is a platform that brings together the best of students fraternity and academia to find answers to most complicated engineering problems.

Shape Your Career

Why limit your ideas to yourself, when you can create a commendable future.

Quest Ingenium – So far 

  • 10 years
  • 10,000+ projects submitted
  • 200+ final participants
  • 3 winners every year

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